Love at First Sight

25 Jul

I just found and LOVED this skirt!  This is actually courtesy of a free (YES FREE!) tutorial on making a self-drafted paper bag waist skirt from the Amazing Suzannah of Adventures in Dressmaking via Kathleen Frances’ wonderful idea for a Free Pattern Month (which I missed by about 6 years… but will still gleefully exploit enjoy).

I have never known quite how I fee about paper bag waist skirts.  The idea of adding significant amounts of fabric and bulk to my already… shall we say… “generous” hip measurements, never seemed like a great idea.  But the way Suzannah pulls it off really makes me want to get in the game.

I’m thinking, perhaps, in a statement RED with just a bit longer (read work appropriate) length, perfect to go with a plain black or white button-up or pull-over for those drab mid-week days when you really need a pick-me-up that’s still easy and comfortable…? I shall now be including this tutorial in the resources section of my homepage.  Please enjoy to your hearts content (and give all the credit to Suzannah and Kathleen – thanks and cudoos ladies!)


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