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The Overly Important First Post…

23 Jan


After reading blogs for the past three months (mostly about sewing, cooking, and rhetorical pontification) I have finally given in to the urge to post my “best and most substantial” thought on the world wide web.

I am writing this as if I believe the whole world (or at very least the world of rhetorical scholars and thoughtful sewing enthusiasts) should be following this blog.  I hope to incorporate the my belief that most everything in life comes down to a form of communication.  This form of communication (for the non-Ph.Ds out there if what I will usually call rhetoric) is always persuading us to do/be something.

I began investigating this whole thing when I was in college.  I was learning about communication and I began to see connections between the costumes I designed and what they might “say” about me. I hope to look at this big conglomeration of ideas and how they shape my little world.. and share it with you all (whoever may eventually read my posts, that is).

My name is Meridith.

My husband I will be moving in four months so I can attend college to get my PhD in this communication-ish stuff.  We just got married in June of 2010. He is (I kidd you not, God’s gift to woman-kind… back off, ladies, he’s all mine).


I can’t wait to see where this blog goes, I look forward to talking with all of you soon.