Moving Up

12 Jul

Moving to Washington, DC has been an adventure and a half, and one of the first things I noticed was how much more dressy things are around this town than in my previous small town homes.  The only people in truly grubby weekend clothes on the weekend are the tourists.

I also noticed this at my new university.  Everyone except the frat crown seems to be more dressed up than I’m used to.  Is this the same in all big cities or just DC?

With this in mind, I have embarked on a sewing adventure of sorts.  I invite all you savvy clothing-loving ladies to follow along with me as I attempt to take my kitchy-preppy-grungy-mish-mash wardrobe into something that will let me fit in and make me stand out in the big city.

Stay tuned, Tomorrow I have a beautiful first step in the process thanks in no small part to Decades of Style patterns.

Here is the sneak peak…




12 Jul

Such an inspiring word! (yes, in fact, I am crazy).

I think failing at something really makes me happy for a few reasons (none of which you actually want to read about) except for the fact that it means I now know what not to try.

So… having failed at this blog on the first go-round, I shall attempt to do some of the things that writers I love reading (like Gertie, Oona, Julia,  and the lovely ladies at Classy Career Girl) all attempt to do.  First – I know who I want to writefor – You, my dear reader, are intelligent, thinking, and LOVE clothes and fashion.  Second – you know that what you were talks louder about you than Miss Manners would say is appropriate.  Third – You like reading blogs.

With these things mind, I shall begin again.


Dialectical tensions in the tense environment

24 Jan

So, I know that title alone probably turned most people off to reading anything more I had to say… but bear with me.

yea, I know, punny.

I have spent the past week looking in to the potential of hubby and I buying our first home.  Various and sundry things have conbined, and we are now in the hunt for a (du-du-dun-daaaaaa…) mortgage!

Long-story-short of this post, it really interests me that mortgage lending websites are set up to both encourage and discourage first-time home buyers.

Let me explain:

When visiting any of a dozen different mortgage lender websites, you will instantly be greeted with the smiling faces of families from every different race, creed, and color. Promises of the fidelity and trustworthiness of the organization, and promises of how helpful they will be in getting you “Yes, YOU!!!” into the home of your dreams.

These promises, however, are soon muted by the harsh reality of the sites themselves.  The first and most prominent button a potential-home-buyer will be drawn to click on is a “mortgage calculator.” Simply enter your current monthly income, savings, location, and various other info-bits, and you will be told how much money you can afford.  If, however,  you are making any less than 65K for a family of 2 and have less than 15K in savings, you will be informed that these are NOT the droids your looking for.

now, the truth of the matter is, if you have a good job and decent credit, you Can, in fact, be financed for a mortgage. With some loans you need as little as 3.5 percent down plus closing costs, there are programs to help you navgate the choppy wanters (yes I know I’m now sounding like a commercial).

This difference in first perception and second perception (especially when compared with the reality of the situation) put me in mind of dialectical tensions.  There is something in theses sites that wants to both pull people in — AND push them away.

Any thoughts?


The Overly Important First Post…

23 Jan


After reading blogs for the past three months (mostly about sewing, cooking, and rhetorical pontification) I have finally given in to the urge to post my “best and most substantial” thought on the world wide web.

I am writing this as if I believe the whole world (or at very least the world of rhetorical scholars and thoughtful sewing enthusiasts) should be following this blog.  I hope to incorporate the my belief that most everything in life comes down to a form of communication.  This form of communication (for the non-Ph.Ds out there if what I will usually call rhetoric) is always persuading us to do/be something.

I began investigating this whole thing when I was in college.  I was learning about communication and I began to see connections between the costumes I designed and what they might “say” about me. I hope to look at this big conglomeration of ideas and how they shape my little world.. and share it with you all (whoever may eventually read my posts, that is).

My name is Meridith.

My husband I will be moving in four months so I can attend college to get my PhD in this communication-ish stuff.  We just got married in June of 2010. He is (I kidd you not, God’s gift to woman-kind… back off, ladies, he’s all mine).


I can’t wait to see where this blog goes, I look forward to talking with all of you soon.