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Love at First Sight

25 Jul

I just found and LOVED this skirt!  This is actually courtesy of a free (YES FREE!) tutorial on making a self-drafted paper bag waist skirt from the Amazing Suzannah of Adventures in Dressmaking via Kathleen Frances’ wonderful idea for a Free Pattern Month (which I missed by about 6 years… but will still gleefully exploit enjoy).

I have never known quite how I fee about paper bag waist skirts.  The idea of adding significant amounts of fabric and bulk to my already… shall we say… “generous” hip measurements, never seemed like a great idea.  But the way Suzannah pulls it off really makes me want to get in the game.

I’m thinking, perhaps, in a statement RED with just a bit longer (read work appropriate) length, perfect to go with a plain black or white button-up or pull-over for those drab mid-week days when you really need a pick-me-up that’s still easy and comfortable…? I shall now be including this tutorial in the resources section of my homepage.  Please enjoy to your hearts content (and give all the credit to Suzannah and Kathleen – thanks and cudoos ladies!)


Getting back on the horse – The Floaty Blouse

14 Jul

So you may have guessed that it took me a bit longer to finish the garment I posted about last time than I had originally anticipated. (Seeing that I thought I would post about it yesterday… and didn’t).  BUT that is ok, because look how it turned out!


This is the “Collar Confection Blouse” from Decades of Style patterns. I know the dots make it a bit hard to see in this picture but this is really a dreamy pattern.  The collar can be worn either as displayed on the pattern, or plain the way I have it (at least on the one side, I’m not really sure what IS going on over on my left… We just won’t talk about that side).

This project went together like a dream.  I loved finding a fairly simple pattern that looks like it took significant skillz to make.  Although there is some hand sewing involved (stay tuned for gutz pictures in a future post), this was actually a fairly quick and easy project. I’ll let you go look at the rest of my opinions over on patternreview.com

But the best part of this project was how it all came together. I really got to be me in making this… (insert heave handed metaphor about learning to live in the big city)

Moving on —

I began this project is a truly slap-dash manner that would make my first sewing teachers (sorry to the Bouffard sisters) cringe.  Having just moved into the (very small) apartment outside DC, I was stressed and decided the perfect remedy would be to get out a sewing project.  I layed out the fabric on my bedroom floor and began cutting without even a thought to grain line, pattern layout, fabric matching – nothing.  I hadn’t even found my good sewing shears yet! (but don’t, those of you who are panicking as I speak – I found and unpacked them.. no kitchen shears were harmed in the making of this garment). If you look closely you can see that the dots around the tucks are a bit skewed… and don’t get me started on the front – you wouldn’t know it but this is actually a regular-line-printed-dot fabric, not the hap-hazzard beauty that graces the photo above 🙂

I’ll be completely honest. One of the best parts of this project for me was that freedom. I simply traced, cut, and sewed. I did a lot of things wrong (including cutting out two right sides for the blouse front on the first go-round) but it was OK! The world didn’t end, the sewing police didn’t come break down my door (although a neighbor did steal my laundry basket when I left it in the communal laundry room while I went back to sew – live and learn).  I sewed with freedom and it turned out alright! (there‘s that metaphor)

Moving Up

12 Jul

Moving to Washington, DC has been an adventure and a half, and one of the first things I noticed was how much more dressy things are around this town than in my previous small town homes.  The only people in truly grubby weekend clothes on the weekend are the tourists.

I also noticed this at my new university.  Everyone except the frat crown seems to be more dressed up than I’m used to.  Is this the same in all big cities or just DC?

With this in mind, I have embarked on a sewing adventure of sorts.  I invite all you savvy clothing-loving ladies to follow along with me as I attempt to take my kitchy-preppy-grungy-mish-mash wardrobe into something that will let me fit in and make me stand out in the big city.

Stay tuned, Tomorrow I have a beautiful first step in the process thanks in no small part to Decades of Style patterns.

Here is the sneak peak…